Laura's Lifelines - November 2011

Hello and welcome

I found myself tap tapping on the keyboard spinning my thoughts from head to the page, wanting to

share where I'm at right now and engaging you in the process...

So where are we all today...are we in need of a pick me up or feeling pretty damn good with life?

I stopped for the briefest moment

To think where I'm at with me

Do I need wings or the weight of gravity


I've had a busy bee time of it all lately and the need for a share of wings and gravity is prevelant.

Wings to ease and lighten the load carrying and uplifting me in heavier moments and gravity to

greet me when I need strength and stability.

And so....

Take the sting out of hitting the ground running

Hold me tight in the upward spiral of air

Mingle with me in the cloudy skies to test my flight path

Navigate me to the ground with purpose


Sometimes the fear of connecting to the day holds negatively within us whilst we put one foot in front

of the other and should we stumble the fear connects with the fear and expands, taking hold and

locking us into a spiral of 'I'm not going there' lest it overwhelms us.

I hold firmly in the belief that a single step to sharing with another or through the written word offers us

a crevice, a space to manouvre and begin, a starting point to adapt and change.


I start by purely thinking precisely what's in my thoughts right now....

I'm sitting with the restlessness of guilt

Needing to do what's right for me

To feel release from frustration and lack of control

I want to move ahead minimising the hurt on others

Yet engaging with myself

How can this be realised...?

Does it take courage?...perhaps

Along with an honest bout of robustness

To go forth and speak with truth

Offering others thoughtful directness

Letting them into my world

So that they may understand and know who I am

Allowing them a choice as to their reaction

From an informed stance


Some may think it a harsh or selfish route but by adopting this way of being we can begin to

know ourselves more clearly, offer others the opportunbity to know us more fully with the increased

possibility of establishing a newfound bond of trust through truth and honesty. A knowing of where

we stand with one another freeing us to participate and wake up to who we are.


So long until next time.