Laura's LifeLines October 2011

Has the week been good or good for nothing....I wonder are we looking through a fog or rose coloured specs???


The up and coming week can loom ahead feeling like it's smacking a harsh bag to deal with and we can feel unnerved by the


unavoidable lack of time and space. At risk of burn out ....dig deep and find inner resolve to face what may feel like a skating


rink of obstacles needing navigation to experience minimal impact.


Hold the week before me

At arm’s length to my mind

Shave the expectations to a smoother view

And I will strive for tomorrow

To return the joy of life

To my bones


It is the silent quiet times that impact their gloom and the brass band kicks in replaying its sorrowful melodic tones

of bereavement... that tap taps out of rhythm and sync with our emotional soul. Time is beating its never ending tune

day upon day attuned to the flow of night to day and day to night and putting one foot in front of the other.


has passed and today seems to be one of upturned corners to the mouth with teeth poking out from

beneath lips stretching into a smile, noticing our demeanour to be lighter and perhaps could be said....somewhat

brighter. It feels that to gain some control in life we must give our emotions their time and acknowledgement yet inviting

in some structure to gain stability to thought and deed.


In an attempt to meet and recognise ourselves, bearing in mind the need to be measured, then it has most definitely rotated

our mind to a favourable mood, easing the soreness of our ragged loss and that is comforting to say the least. Leading us

to meet another hour and if we bear in mind the old cliché ‘one step at a time’ it really truly works. Not to say that at times

there are dips in mood that aren’t repaired by such things and at those times there's always chocolate....arghhhh the

dreaded chocolate, it is a friend and foe as those pounds try to coat our bones promoting and advertising its passion.


A friend in need may stem the downward spiral and prop us up. Receiving their warmth and companionship is fuel to

our lives, stemming the flood of inner turmoil and reaching into our minds to carve out the route to laughter and hilarity,

taking us on the journey of frivolity to pleasure and kinship. It requires our presence and is a choice to allow it in and

if denied will miss the spot and keep us in a place of emotional poverty and a steeper climb back to health.


I sat by your side in your silence

Your lids securely tight with eyes unseen

At times you rose to my voice

Yet there were alternatives that were intangible

As though you had already left

Your body an empty deposit of life

Departure stained me bloody

And tears have fried in numbness

Yet with the hope, time and love of those who care

I will be released to recall your endearment

To smile as your face meets mine in photographic memories


Be kind to yourself until next time........