Laura's Lifelines September 2011

Hello and welcome to laura's lifelines.....


Awoke....yep head like a bag a gonks, now how did that happen...?

Yesterday went along splendidly and yet here I am before even stepping onto the fibres....

arghhhh tragedy!!!

Stop me in my tracks

Strike the gong for yesterdaY

Simpler tones to tune my ear


Outa the sack and up on two pins, I’m stepping in the shower to a new day, never

mind the gonks trailing behind twit-twittering in my left lobe... my right connecting

with disregard and snuffing out tragedy. I’m heading into the new day and buttering up

my attitude to encompass life.

It’s been a sad time leading me to here, grazing myself on the barbed wire of

bereavement....Is there anyone out there???

Spinning round,

Spiralling down,

Drag me out,

Share my doubt....

Oh emotional days

I’m listening to the tic tic of time to a better place but hey... reminding myself today is

today and now is now; emotions need dealing for healing with recognition, denying


Deny nothing to my soul

So I may reach into these dark places

And find renewal

How is it we find healing from the passing of time? I understand ...through the talk talk

emotional outlet; yet if we didn’t talk would we still find ‘time’ to be our friend and

benefactor?? So accepting father time and on with the day.


The tap tap of my thoughts onto paper is cathartic in itself and I would totally

recommend it!!! Tip your head in the direction of your thoughts and feelings

and claim their place on the pad, I promise some relief from life's snags and snarls

will ensue for you, creating bespoke clarity and direction.


I wade into the melee of the day to capture its essence and find some purpose

from connection. To act as opposed to react, to engage as opposed to disengage.

Life’s like a good book...

The more you read the more you connect

Which today is so true for me, what a change from the first thoughts of the day, the

tippy toe on fibres to be showered clean from sorrow just for a while; The placing of my

fingers onto these keys, the processing of my bag of gonks, into a clearer mindset and

a brief hurrah for the day.

I trawl the keypad

Letter by letter

Emotion to emotion

One by one from my head to the page

Filling the white space

Delving the flagon of emotion

A ride hitched to connection

With the now in mind

To fulfil our tomorrows

So come on get writing - word by word, little by little to grace your page.

Until next time......