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I took the courage and asked...

Sit awhile with me and share
Look into my face and see me
Know my deepest thoughts
From time spent alongside me
This bolt hole of freedom inspires
The road to recovery and peace
Stabilising the rocky pathway
From bygone flames that cursed
That blamed and inflamed the past
Present and future at each turn
Failing me on a level of grandeur
Far outweighing my strength
This time spared for unravelling
The threads of my soul has
Taken me to new chambers
Pointing me out of dark recesses
Fighting my way to fresh direction
A revitalised verse of chapters
Planted like new seeds, previously
Dimmed and unknown to me
Released the shackles that chained
My limbs preventing movement
Towards the grain of another possibility
I have come to know a new me
One of truth and honesty
Accepting fears and laying them to sleep
I found another way through
Sharing and daring to unlock the code
Into my very soul, allowing it time and
Acceptance, to feel its feet and move
Forward with fortitude and definitive
Purpose to new found rooms with
Character and humility, stepping
Out and walking with me, by my side
Testing the waters to feel their
Currant; washing me clean from
Grime which has drained away
Into the ground beneath my feet
To know myself once more
In a different light to yesterday