Letting go

I sat with sadness as my companion

Pondered at the raw edge of loss that

Bludgeoned my heart, tracing the circle

Of inevitability beyond my out stretched

Hands, turning tumultuously, wrenching

The very life from my soul, no archway to

Another realm where peace bears its soft

Skin connecting with mine to hear my

Pain, to know it, feel it and say it’s okay.


It will pass to another minute, another

Hour, another day and so time stalks me

To make a space for words to pour from

Me, if I allow it centre stage to speak its

Mind, yet I hold rigid in my despair the

Turning circle blocked by ‘no exit’ signs

Raining me in to meet with no one but

Myself, who knows no way of offering self

Kindness but lectures on imperfections.


Cursing every wrong doing and denying

All right moves as blind alleys without cause.

It is me that enslaves and dallies in the

Byways of dark waves, of polluted depths

A chance taken to meet the hand held

Out, to reach it for just one moment may

Lead to who knows where, to unknown

Fields of unturned earth that waits for

My tender nurture and acceptance of

This life in all its absurdities and

Complexities, I have no calm water

To ponder in and view with open eyes


But look through slits that allow dimmed

Compartmentalised life without rich

Fullness of what might be but plays safe

With should and ought, never to replay

This pathway be it gravel or gold, disallowed

Entry for fear of myself standing guard at

The gate tall and steadfast, unrelenting

With certainty that I can control my every

Waking moment, unaware of....


The need to let go