Opening Monday

Thank goodness it's Monday (TGIM)...well there's a difference.


Opening up to Monday

I unwrapped myself from the duvet

Pasted my limbs to the floor

Slippers winked at me

Invitingly, I settled my feet into their snugness

As I stood, I was thankful that today

Is Monday, wonderful Monday

Free as a song bird to create

My own melody, a chorus of hurrah


I caught up with the shower

That was on hot house temperature

Scorching...I fumbled for the cool

Climate, turning it sufficiently to

Bathe and recycle myself

As I stroked the cat meowing

A feline opera, making her presence known


The outside world had a dismal feel

The window onto the day told me so

Yet, blue escorted the clouds

Pushing the doubting rain packages

To another realm

Introducing the blue yonder that

Had won the day


We all gathered up into the aroma

Of a new week, stretched our

Arms towards one another

I joined the links for a few hours

Tattooing their conversation into my

Subconscious indelibly


Unhooking ourselves we separated

Turning towards the duties of the day

Swiftly we deposited out parting gifts



Our best

Our loving wishes